Painting the Knees and Shoulders

After visiting the Power of the Costume exhibit I discovered, among other things, that my knee and shoulder colors were very wrong. I had "striping yellow" (the same yellow that I used on the armor). This is not correct. I went hunting and found a few cans of spray paint that are similar but not exact. Pictured below is the first layer of paint with a sheet of paper with the actual color based on information found on The Dented Helmet, a color found on RafalWorks' templates, and the average color taken from my photographs.




My name is Brandon Owens, 501st Member BH/DZ-51512 and MMCC OM#1793. I have an approved Tusken Raider (ANH) and a Boba Fett (ROTJ) that I spend years researching and building. I'm here to share my progress, methods, and findings.