During my time researching and building Boba Fett I’ve come across about 40 different resources. Sadly many have since 404d but I gathered the most important of what’s left below. These helped me create my Boba Fett. Research a lot before doing anything, and remember – “by cheap buy twice”.

The Dented Helmet – Infinite Knowledge of Boba Fett (search before posting!)

Paint Color Diagram (Airbrush)

Homedepot – Paint, (lowes doesn’t have much Rustoleum)

501st CRL – The standard

Kyle’s Random – Basic Jetpack Building

3D Model Gallery of the Jetpack – Super detailed and accurate


DeLucks Designs – Helmet/Shoulder/Chest decals

Online Components – Gauntlet Switches

I had tons of more resources but many are 404ing.


My name is Brandon Owens, 501st Member BH/DZ-51512 and MMCC OM#1793. I have an approved Tusken Raider (ANH) and a Boba Fett (ROTJ) that I spend years researching and building. I'm here to share my progress, methods, and findings.