Wireless Servo Kit (v5)


A wireless servo kit for your rangefinder or other needs.

Install instructions can be found here.

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This kit comes with two circuit boards with a button attached to one and a servo to the other. The boards communicate with each other via a small 433MHz chip. When the button is pressed the servo turns 90 degrees up or down depending on the current state.


The helmet part is powered by 3 AA batteries.

The gauntlet part is also powered by 3 AA batteries. A new and revised layout also allows the device to lay flat.


This kit will require some engineering to fit into your helmet. I will supply you with enough materials that it should be easier, but don’t expect a plug and play experience.

There will be several servo mounts of various shapes included to aid in the mounting process.

A magnetic ear cap is also highly recommended.

Post to help with installation.

Included in the kit:

  • Low profile servo
  • Transmitter module assembled on a custom circuit board housed in heat shrink
  • Receiver module assembled on a custom circuit board housed in a 3d printed box
  • Servo shaft extender (x2)
  • Servo mounts

**Extra dummy buttons are available for purchase.**

Approximate Kit dimensions: (D x W x H in millimeters)
Servo: (56mm x 23mm x 25mm) This measurement includes the mounting brackets on the side and does not include the gear head. The servo will extent about 27-30mm from your helmet on the inside. I have a large head and an animefan helmet. My head barely fits as it and I still can use the servo no problem.

Receiver Box: (57mm x 36mm x 22mm)

Receiver Battery Pack: (69mm x 49mm x 19mm)

Transmitter: (70mm x 25mm x 12mm)

Transmitter Battery Pack: (69mm x 49mm x 19mm)


Button information:

  • Alco Switch
    This is an accurate alco switch used on the right/whipcord gauntlet in ESB/ROTJ/SE.
  • Push Button
    This is an accurate push button used on the ROTJ/SE flame thrower gauntlet.
  • Glove Button
    This is a rubber nubbed button that can be attached to your glove and pressed more inconspicuously. The wire has a quick disconnect at the wrist to make it a little easier to kit up.
    I Velcro my button to a compression glove under my normal gloves. It adds a little bump, but nothing noticeable to the average person. I am able to either trigger the button with my thumb or by hitting it against my blaster.


Shipping Time:

An in stock kit ships in a day or two under normal circumstances.

A out of stock/backordered kit will ship in 2-3 weeks. This is either because I do not have the parts for that kit, or I am sold out of the standard kits.

Tracking will be available via PayPal and account portal here on bh51512.com when the product ships.

Below is a video demonstrating the speed and operation of the servo.


Additional information

Weight 12 oz
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 2 in
Button Style

ROTJ/SE Flamethrower Gauntlet, Alco Switch Right Gauntlet, Generic Button, Glove Button


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